Dash Formula Pro Plus - Promocart

Dash Formula Pro Plus

Sanitising washing laundry powder

  • Washing powder with enzymes with sanitising action
  • Concentrated formula for professional use
  • Very effective at removing stains and bad odours

It guarantees perfect hygiene at 30 °, allowing for significant energy savings. The particular combination of ingredients ensures perfect hygiene by effectively removing the most difficult stains. The presence of active enzymes ensures a deep down cleaning and prevents the dirt from being repositioned in the tissues. Contains optical whiteners which keep your whites for longer. It can be used on all types of white and colored fabrics, except wool and silk, at temperatures of 30 to 95 ° C (white laundry) or 30-60 ° C (colored fabrics).


Pre-wash / Main Wash: Divide the dosage in 1/3 for Prewash and 2/3 for the main wash (dosage is meant per kg of dry laundry,1 g = 1.56 ml water). Soft water : 9 ml (mild dirt), 22 ml (medium dirt),33 ml (persistent dirt); Medium waterhardness 9 ml (mild dirt), 30 ml ( medium dirt), 47 ml (persistent dirt); Hard Water 9 ml (mild dirt), 33 ml (medium dirt), 50 ml (persistent dirt).