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Fruit Bags


With our fruit bags you will be in line with the new requirements of the L. 3rd August 2017, n. 123 (in G.U. 12/08/2017, n. 188) that, starting from the 1st January 2018, establishes a stiffening of the rules that regulate the plastic bags and the primary plastic packagings, subjecting the lawbreakers to sanctions from 2500 to 25.000 €; these sanctions may be raised in case of huge amounts or in case of amounts with a value that exceeds the 10% of the turnover or in case of use of captions or other means that elude the obligations deriving from the rules.

Fruit and vegetables
Sand kraft paper bag made of pure cellulose and Extra white kraft paper bag. Only pure long fiber for a guaranteed high resistance. In this way fruit and vegetables ‘’breathe’’ and can be kept fresh.
Throw the bag in the paper trash can.