Lactic - Promocart


Detergent-multipurpose natural* acid disinfectant**

  • Biocidal effectiveness in compliance with the following standards: EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN 14476+A1***
  • Produced with raw materials from natural origin, fully biodegradable*
  • Without quaternary ammonium salt, ideal for food area

Ready-to-use multi-purpose disinfectant for all hard washable surfaces: houses, nursing homes, kindergartens, industrial premises and technical services, floors, rooms, furniture, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, worktops, garbage containers and storage place. The product can be used on surfaces in contact with food (from production premises/equipment to storage premises/equipment). Authorization number: EU-0006622-0010. COMPOSITION: Lactic acid (EC 200-018-0) : 0,42 g/100g ; <5% non ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, perfume.


Ready to use.


Only for professional use. Safety data sheet available on request. Do not use on calcareous surfaces (marble etc.) * With raw materials of vegetal origin fully biodegradable (the surfactants contained in the products are easily, quickly and fully biodegradable in compliance with Regulation 648/2004/EC). ** Regulatory requirements surrounding the biocidal registration may vary according to each country. *** Biocidal efficacy at 20°C: bactericidal activity according to EN1276 and EN13697 (5 min), yeasticidal activity according to EN1650 and EN13697 (5 min), virucidal activity against only Influenza virus A/H1N1 according to EN 14476+A1 (5 min). Do not use on calcareous surfaces (marble etc.)