Mozzicon-E - Promocart



We are travelling along the Flegreo coastal to let the beach resorts know about the “Mozzicon-E” project and since we started, we have found a partner that joined our cause. The “Montenuovo Beach” signed off the distribution of the Mozzicon-E to all its guests, becoming in this way the first Flegreo lido that supports the clean beaches.
The image and coordination consultant of the Montenuovo Beach “Giampiero Occhiello” reiterates that the respect for the environment and for our coasts is a binding duty of all of us; we usually complain about the dirty sea without thinking that we pollute the sea, it only return what we give throw into it. I often listen to people complaining about the dirty sea, but at the same time I see many people who use it as a big container for their rubbish. We sift our shores everyday and we rake it both with machineries and by hand to make sure that the incivility of some people doen’t become the filth for everybody.Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the cigarettes “Mozzicon-E” that avoid our sieves.
Thanks to the “Mozzicon-E”, we want to attract interest about the respect for the environment and we are ready to distribute it on the free-bathing shores next to our shores. We would do anything to make our shores and our paradise shameless but we will beat this Chimera only with the help of everyone.