The Company

Promocart has been working for more than twenty years in the field of supply of chemical and paper products, developing a great passion for the clean culture.

Over the years, thanks to a development rich in satisfactions due to the professionalism and to the continuity of the offered services, we have reached an experience in the fields related to the products, the machineries and the equipment for the professional cleaning supply, by collaborating with different successful and certified companies that are leaders in their own field.

Our determination made us reliable and competitive, allowing us to satisfy our customers necessities, for both our products quality and the environmental respect.

Those who turn to us know that they will find courtesy and professionalism, establishing in this way a trusted relationship between the company and the customer and guaranteeing a continuous consultation and technical assistance of our products.

The company offers also a series of services, such as the stuff training for a professional use of the products that are necessary for the industrial cleaning, defining a series of guidelines for a correct hygienic procedure, according to the criteria agreed upon the D.lgs 155/97 - HACCP.

The purpose of our company is to ensure the quality of our services, the consultation and the technical assistance, a more competitive price and the delivery time availability.